The Executive Committee is comprised of 7 members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three Directors each serving a three year term. The immediate past president is an honorary member and is there as an advisor only. The board meets bi-monthly with the first meeting of the year starting in the month of January. They are the decision making body and are responsible for the professional administration of the organization.


Quantá Crews


Quantá is an advocate for community education of local assessment systems emphasizing young adults and the elderly. She is a Senior Field Appraiser with the Maricopa County Assessor’s Office previously working in the legal industry. Quantá graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2008 with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in History. A member of the Arizona Chapter’s Executive Board since 2015, she recently led the Chapter in hosting their Inaugural Appraisal & Property Tax Seminar. Apart from appraising and her work as an ordained minister, Quantá enjoys hanging out with her husband and three boys, and is an aspiring lyricist, writing poetry in her spare time.


Vice President

Since beginning my career at the Yavapai County Assessor’s Office in 2001, I have worn many hats – expanding my skills and education at every opportunity. A promotion to Residential Appraisal Supervisor was followed by my appointment as the Policy Oversight and Training Liaison due to my extensive knowledge of almost every aspect of the office. I earned my DOR Level II in 2007 and I am currently the Personal Property Supervisor. I have been a member of AZ IAAO since 2011, planned and organized chapter meetings in Prescott since 2012 and served as a Chapter Representative since 2016.



Phyllis is the current AZ IAAO Executive Board Secretary, and has been a member of the AZ IAAO for four years, previously serving as Secretary and as the Events Coordinator. In 2014, she received the AZ IAAO President’s Award for her dedication, commitment and tireless efforts to the chapter. An Arizona native, Phyllis started her public service career with the Maricopa County Parks Department in 1996, and was soon promoted to Administrative Assistant to both the Director and Deputy Director. Phyllis joined the Assessor’s office in 2013 as a Litigation Clerk, and served as Admin Support for the initial Canvass/Desk Top Review Assessment Team before being promoted to Senior Admin within the Mobile Homes Unit. During this time, Phyllis successfully completed both Level 1 & 2 appraisal certification classes, and is currently a DOR Certified Level 2 Field Appraiser in the Data Integrity Unit. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Forensic Science specializing in Evidence.
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Keith Andziewicz


Keith has with the Assessor’s Office for 14 years with the majority of that time with the Land unit. He is Analytic Appraiser specializing in the appraisal of land. Keith graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Western Illinois University in 1985. He passed the 1997 Illinois C.P.A. exam in 1997. Keith is and has been a Treasurer for the Knights Of Columbus for roughly twelve years.

Terri Eddie


Terri is the Supervisor of the Data Integrity Unit in the Maricopa County Assessor’s Office. She began her tenure with the Assessor’s office in 2004 as a residential appraiser, and has gained a wide range of appraisal knowledge and experience as a residential and commercial appraiser, and a Litigation Consultant. An Appraiser Supervisor in the Assessor’s Office since 2015, she has experience managing others in both the private and public sectors. Terri earned an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science (1986), a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Communication (ASU, 2007), and a Master’s of Divinity Degree (Payne Theological Seminary, 2015). Additionally, Terri holds an IAAO-AAS Accreditation and a DOR Level III-AAS certification, and she is working towards completing her IAAO-CAE Accreditation.

Daniel Garant


Daniel completed the requirements of the Assessment Administration Specialist designation in July of 2016. Daniel is an Analytic Appraiser with the Maricopa County Assessor’s Office. He has been with Maricopa County for eight years. Prior to joining the county, he was a residential fee appraiser in the State of Arizona. He is a member oft he Arizona Chapter of IAAO.
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Pam Pearsall


Pam is a valuation industry leader and she understands the importance of supportable valuation methodology. Her experience as a general certified appraiser, former assessor, and an industry leader will be of benefit to the AZ IAAO Executive Board. Pearsall, is a supervising auditor with Tax Management Associates, and the former assessor of Yavapai County, Arizona – as an assessor she led her office in earning the Certificate of Excellence from IAAO. Prior to this from 2002 to 2008, Pearsall was CEO of Pearsall Appraisals, LLC. Pam currently serves on the IAAO Business Personal Property Task Force helping to update the Business Personal Property manual. Pam is also recognized internationally as an inspirational speaker on how to overcome insurmountable challenges with fearless innovation. Pam recently authored a book “Whispers of Truth” a true story of abuse, corruption and miracles. At a time when corrupt politics and their terrible consequences are being highlighted daily in the media, Whispers of Truth is a memoir that encourages citizens to not give up hope; they have the power to bring about change for their communities and the nation.